CFS Thrift Store

CFS Thrift Store

The Womanhaven Thrift-Outlet store provides goods to individuals that may need to start a new life free of violence and abuse. The Womanhaven Thrift Outlet Store receives donations of goods that vary from clothing, furniture, canned goods, household items, and more. Clients are able to select goods that may be useful to them as they transition into living independent lives, while other goods are available for re-sale to generate income which is utilized in supporting other client services and charitable programs needs.

The Womanhaven Thrift-Outlet Store also provides free clothing for our clients and their children, as well as helps them set up households if they want to do so. In addition, we serve others in the community through the vouchers that we distribute to all the churches, community centers, homeless shelters family resource centers. We also provide assistance to people in special government training programs such as Cal-Works, and other community based organizations

Donations are accepted from cars, cash, boats, trucks, vans, RVs, clothing, furniture and more!

If you would like to schedule a donation pick-up, please call: 760-337-2680 to arrange a time convenient to you. Your donation is tax deductible. With your support and generosity, together we can continue to help many individuals, in our community live safe and violent free lives.

We are located at 601 Broadway Suite D. in El Centro, California.